Passenger Carrying Vehicle Driving Bus & Coach - Level 2 Apprenticeship QCF

Are you eligible for this program?

If the answer to all these questions is 'YES' then you are eligible...

About the Level 2 Apprenticeship in Passenger Carrying Vehicle Driving, Bus & Coach (QCF)

Learners must achieve a minimum of 59 credits to gain the L2 apprenticeship in Passenger Carrying Vehicle Driving, Bus & Coach. To do this you must achieve:

Completing this development programme will ensure you are up to date with best practices and will provide you with real skills to adopt in your workplace. The assessment and training process will provide the training you will need and also prove you put into practice the required skills every day. You will receive 5 certificates at the end of the programme which will enhance your career prospects.

They are:

NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Road Passenger Vehicle Driving for Taxi and Private Hire Drivers (QCF)

Who is the course designed for?

The NVQ Road passenger vehicle driving (Hackney/PHV) is aimed at taxi drivers or private hire vehicle drivers who wish to develop new skills and formalise existing skills leading to a nationally recognised vocational qualification. The aim of the course is to improve knowledge, skills, awareness and employability.

How is the course delivered and assessed?

The NVQ is delivered on a 1:1 basis in your workplace. To achieve your full level 2 NVQ will require attending a number of guided learning training sessions and workplace assessments, and requires the successful completion of a number of mandatory and optional units. Our fully qualified assessors will guide you through the complete process to ensure you prove the desired competence your role demands.

Will cover the following mandatory units:

  1. Ensure health and safety of the Taxi and Private Hire driver and passengers

  2. Drive a Taxi or Private Hire vehicle in a professional manner

  3. Provide professional customer service in the Taxi and Private Hire industries

  4. Provide a safe and legal vehicle for transporting passengers by Taxi and/ or Private Hire

  5. Provide a transport service in the Taxi and Private Hire vehicle industries for customers who require assistance

  6. Provide a service to customers using a wheelchair in an accessible Taxi or Private Hire vehicle

  7. Transport parcels, luggage and other items in the Taxi and Private Hire industries

  8. Transport children and young persons by Taxi, Private Hire or chauffeuring

For more information, contact Clare Green or Tony Quinn on: 01722 333333